Bandit placing a Shock Wire while getting shocked by a Twitch drone and knocked around by Nomad's Airjabs as Thermite Breaches the reinforced wall behind him.s

Having A Bad Day In Siege? At Least You’re Not This Bandit!

I think we can all agree that as Rainbow Six Siege players, we all have good days and bad days. When it’s a good day, we have fun and win many of our matches. But when it’s a bad day, we feel like the Rainbow Six gods have cursed us. We feel like no matter the situation something goes wrong that causes us to lose. Either our performance or the performance of our teammates is to blame. Maybe it’s just unfair matchmaking! Regardless, it is as if no matter what we do, we can’t seem to do anything to change the outcome and avoid the loss. Well, the next time you are having a bad day, remember this clip, uploaded by Reddit user SakeStormRage.


from r/Rainbow6

In the clip above, you will see the perspective of a player who is playing Twitch and using her drone to destroy Bandit’s batteries right as he places them in the Garage on Chalet. She continues to destroy the batteries as he places them, which is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to any Bandit player. Sadly, that’s not all that happens to this poor guy. Shortly after Twitch destroys a few of his batteries, an Airjab fired through the vent next to the garage door, by Nomad, knocks Bandit into the wall. Immediately, Twitch seizes the moment by attacking Bandit directly with her drone. Then a second Airjab knocks Bandit to the wall again, and Twitch attacks him again. Finally, Thermite breaches the garage door, and the enemy players take out a thoroughly pummeled and disoriented Bandit who likely had barely any health left. Thankfully, Bandit’s saga of punishment has come to an end. For the rest of us, when you are having a bad day in Rainbow Six Siege, remember how lucky you are not to be the Bandit in this clip!


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