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Sigma Overwatch Hero Abilities Guide

Welcome to the Sigma Overwatch Hero Guide!

In this guide, you will find many simple tips and tricks to help you improve your game-sense and situational usage of Sigma’s abilities in Overwatch. If you are looking for a stats-based guide, you should probably stop here. However, if you are looking to improve your skills with Sigma, you are in the right place! By utilizing the tips and tricks in this guide, you will improve your skills and have a better understanding of the situational usage of Sigma’s abilities, which will improve your overall skills and game-sense. So, with that being said, let’s dive in! Simply click on the abilities below to learn more.


Sigma Overwatch Hero Abilities - Hyperspheres GIF

Usage: “Sigma launches two gravitic charges, which bounce off walls and implode after a short duration, damaging enemies within a sizable radius.”


Tip 1: Since Hyperspheres are fired in a 2-round burst fire rate pattern with a large delay in between shots, it is best that you focus on the accuracy of your shots rather than just spamming them as much as possible.


Tip 2: In order to maximize your damage, try and place your shots so that the Hyperspheres detonate within a group of enemies. This action will allow you to splash damage the entire enemy team, which will just help your teammates out more in a team fight.


Tip 3: Hyperspheres are the only projectile in Overwatch that can bounce off of any surface, so use this to your advantage! Try and ricochet your shots around corners, off the floor, around enemy shields or off other objects. This approach will allow you to hit the enemy players from unexpected angles.


Tip 4: Since Hyperspheres automatically explode after a short duration, you can get a feel for Sigma’s max range. Once you are able to sense Sigma’s max range, then you can use his spheres to attack an enemy, like Pharah, when she is flying at the very edge his range. This approach can allow you to assist your teammates in taking out


Experimental Barrier

Sigma Overwatch Hero Abilities - Experimental Barrier GIF

Usage: “Sigma propels a floating barrier to a location of his choosing. He can dismiss the barrier at any time.”


Tip 1: Use your Experimental Barrier to block angles of attack that your shield tank is not presently blocking and that your teammates are vulnerable to. Often, your shield tank will cover your frontline or the direction of attack where your team is receiving the most incoming fire. When enemies try to flank around your shield tank, give your teammates some additional cover by deploying your Experimental Barrier.


Tip 2: Similar to Tip 1, use your Experimental Barrier to cut off the line of sight of any enemy snipers, such as Windowmaker or Hanzo. You can even use the barrier to block the line of sight of ranged enemy healers, like Bapstiste or Ana, by deploying between the enemy healer and the rest of their team. Deprive the enemies of angles of attack and their ability to heal their wounded and you will win more team fights.


Tip 3: It is very important that you let your barrier recharge. For this to happen, you have to dismiss your Experimental Barrier. While it is dismissed, your barrier will recharge and you will be able to deploy it again shortly.


Tip 4: In case you need some extra protection for your front line you can double-up your Experimental Barrier with your shield tank’s barrier for a little extra padding between you and the enemy players. You can also stagger the deployment of your barrier with the deployment of your shield tank’s barrier in order to prevent your team from running out of protective barriers. By deploying your barrier when the other tank’s barrier is down, you will give your ally time for their barrier to recharge. This tactic can work well when holding a choke point.


Tip 5: Use your Experimental Barrier to protect your teammates from enemy ultimates. Whether blocking McCree’s Deadeye, Pharah’s Barrage or even D.Va’s Self Destruct, you can utilize your Barrier to provide a little, last minute protection for your team. While it is difficult to do, it is possible. You just have to listen for those ultimate-specific audio queues from the enemy heroes.


Tip 6: Use your Experimental Barrier to protect yourself. By releasing the button to deploy the barrier, shortly after pressing it, you can deploy your barrier directly in front of you, which can help you stop incoming damage and allow you to retreat and regroup with your team, if you are caught alone and all by yourself.


Tip 7: Specifically, when going up against a Wrecking Ball, you can use your Experimental Barrier to clear away the mines left behind from his ultimate, Minefield. While clearing a lot of mines, you will destroy your barrier quickly. Depending on the situation, you can help your team survive by quickly clearing the area for them so that they can move around and continue to fight the enemy players.


Kinetic Grasp

Sigma Overwatch Hero Abilities - Kinetic Grasp GIF

Usage: “Sigma freezes incoming projectiles in midair and converting them into shields.”


Tip 1: Use Kinetic Grasp when you are receiving a large amount of concentrated enemy fire. It will help you maximize the amount of extra shield charge that you will receive. I would do this before a team fight so that you give yourself a little extra resistance to damage before you dive headfirst into the enemy team.


Tip 2: Use Kinetic Grasp when your shield is down, and you are out in the open. This will help you survive so that you can cancel out any incoming damage while your Experimental Barrier recharges for a few seconds and you receive the additional shields gained from the usage of Kinetic Grasp. However, this action will not protect you if you must travel a great distance in order to retreat because you will simply run out of Experimental Barrier, your additional shields and health before you make it to safety due to Sigma’s slow movement speed.



Sigma Overwatch Hero Abilities - Accretion GIF

Usage: “Sigma gathers a mass of debris and flings it at an enemy to knock them down.”


Tip 1: When using Accretion, only a direct hit will knock an enemy player down for a short duration. You should try to go for direct hits toward enemies who do not see you coming. If they don’t see you coming, they are likely moving in a more predictable pattern, which you can take advantage of in order to line up a shot and knock them to the ground.


Tip 2: When you knock an enemy to the ground using Accretion, make sure to follow up and hit them with your Hyperspheres. Sometimes bouncing them off the floor to hit an enemy lying on the floor will help you finish them off when they are down.


Tip 3: To improve your accuracy with Accretion, especially at longer distances, you need to get a feel for the arc and speed of how the mass of debris travels through the air. By feeling and sensing the arc and speed, you can line up shots to hit enemy players from a distance. Try even hitting them from across the map – just like the Call Of Duty players who used to chuck the throwing knives across the map back in the day!


Gravitic Flux

Sigma Overwatch Hero Abilities - Gravitic Flux GIF

Usage: “Unleashing his full powers, Sigma takes flight, lifts enemies in a targeted area, and launches them into the sky before slamming them back down.”


Tip 1: Since Gravitic Flux has such a large area of affect, you should try to catch as many enemy players in it as possible. The more you catch, the more devastating the ability is. To catch the most enemies inside the area of effect, try quickly deploying his ult at the most chaotic part of a team fight. The sudden execution of Gravitic Flux, at a time when the enemies are paying the least attention to you, will likely result in throwing a lot of them into the air and bring them down on their heads.


Tip 2: Since Gravitic Flux raises the enemy players, caught in the area of effect, into the air for a short period of time, you should coordinate your ultimate with your teamamtes. Try combining Gravitic Flux with McCree’s Deadeye or Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor. Once the enemies are in the air, it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!


Tip 3: Be careful when you decide to activate Gravitic Flux, as it may sometimes work against you. I have come across a case where Gravitic Flux backfired and led to an enemy McCree getting a quadruple kill with Deadeye, which he activated before being raised in to the air above a shield that would have otherwise blocked his ult. Here is the clip from Reddit:


Their Sigma is secretly on our team… from r/Overwatch


Well, that just about wraps up the Sigma Overwatch Hero Guide. If you learned anything from this guide, please share it with your friends! If you have any tips that you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment below. I am always looking to add new tips to the guide, so that other players can learn and improve their skills. By learning from each other, our game play can only become more fun and exciting!

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