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As a dedicated player of first-person shooter, military strategy video games since the age of 12, my respect and admiration for the people, who put their lives on the line for others, increased over time.  As a young boy listening to the WWII stories my grandfathers told me and then playing strategic military video games, I found himself standing in awe of all that they did. I even considered becoming a soldier myself. Now, I am proud to say I have cousins who have chosen to serve the military before and after their college experiences.  They are the very same cousins, who introduced and shared many of their first-person shooter video games with me when we were all growing up. Through all of these experiences, I realized time and time again how much I admire and respect the troops and first responders for who they are and what they do.

And as I look at the world today, I have become very disappointed in the lack of respect and support our society gives to those who put their lives on the line every day for strangers. The firefighters, police, veterans and current military service personnel deserve better. After all, our freedom and way of life in the United States would not have been possible without their dedication and sacrifice. The United States would not have been able to attain its independence without their service and sacrifice. Here at Fall3nWarrior, we take the time to salute these brave and heroic men and women, who have sacrificed so much for us.  Our attitude is reflected in every design. We want them to know that there are fellow warriors in society, who do care, respect and admire them for all they do for us. Join me and let them know you do too!

Erik Brandon | Founder of Fall3nWarrior LLC

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Make A Difference

If you enjoy our content and would like to support our mission, we suggest you visit our website Fall3nWarrior.com and check out our designs inspired by the Warrior Spirit and available for purchase on T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Mugs, and Tote Bags. By purchasing one of the items on our website, you are not only supporting the growth of the channel.  You are also allowing Fall3nWarrior to contribute at least 10% of our profits to charities that support Active Duty Military Members, Veterans, First Responders, Service Dogs, their families, and more, across the United States. And, in return, you will have an awesome T-Shirt, Hoodie, Poster, Mug, or Tote Bag to enjoy!

If you are located outside the United States or cannot find anything you would like at Fall3nWarrior.com, you are welcome to make a Direct Donation through our Streamlabs Donation Page on our Twitch Profile. Either way, we will still donate 10% of the profits from donations that we receive as well!

Thank you all for the love and support!