Tracer shooting basketball in Overwatch spawn point.

Tracer Makes An Impossible Overwatch Basketball Shot

If you have ever played a game of Overwatch, then you know what the pre-round gameplay is like. It likely begins with you and your teammates running around the room, chatting with one another while destroying every breakable and movable object in sight inside spawn. The more daring players make an attempt to make an Overwatch basketball shot by hitting one of the two basketballs on the table into the hoop in the corner of the room. A task that is made even more difficult when another player comes up and hits the ball first right after you spent time lining things up and before you hit the ball yourself. Because of those shot blockers, many of the daring players try to make the shot and many of them fail. However, there is a small group of players who have practiced shooting hoops in Overwatch that can make the shot more frequently than the rest of us. And then there’s Reddit User THE-WALRUS-KING who while playing Tracer, made a shot you have to see to believe!


In the clip above, uploaded by THE-WALRUS KING, Tracer performs one of the most incredible basketball shots the Overwatch world has ever seen! I would equate this shot to that of the Bottle-Flip challenge, except it is probably 1000 times more difficult. In the video, Tracer appears to line up a shot with the basketball that is located on the edge of the table in the corner of the room where the booth is located. However, you can quickly tell that, since she is aiming for the top of the ball, she has something else in mind for this shot! Next, Tracer hits the ball and it flies towards the hoop where it misses the hoop and bounces back towards Tracer. It then bounces off the wall and lands on the table, rolling and coming to a stop right where it started! Tracer then emotes to celebrate this impressive shot! A shot that I don’t think anyone will be able to pull off ever again with a probability of 1% or less of success. It will be quite impressive if another player could pull it off again. For now, THE-WALRUS-KING is certainly playing Overwatch basketball on a much higher level than the rest of us. Well done!


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